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History of Mazak

Axis Fabrication and Machine Company remains dedicated to bringing the highest quality parts to its customers in reasonable timeframes. The high quality demanded is possible through the use of high-quality machines from reliable manufacturers. Notably, one such manufacturer is Mazak. Mazak began as Yamazaki Machinery founded in 1919 by Sadakichi Yamazaki. Interestingly, the company originally manufactured straw mat weaving machinery. Fast forward to 1974, Mazak built its North American Headquarters in Florence, KY. In the past 30 years, the North American Headquarters has grown from 16,900 square feet to over 800,000 square feet. Consequently, with almost a century’s worth of experience, it comes as no surprise that Mazak is one of the most respected manufacturers of CNC machinery.

Why use Mazak?

The North American Headquarters is ISO 9001:2008-certified. Additionally, they manufacturer 100+ different CNC turning centers, multi-tasking machines, and vertical milling machines. Their “production-on-demand” approach uses modularized designs that allow engineers to make changes to machines directly on the production floor. Consequently, this allows them to continually keep up with customer feedback and keep all of their machines up to date and in the best working order. Mazak listens to customers, like Axis, so that together they can produce the greatest machinery. Finally, it is important to note that Axis Fabrication chooses Mazak over the less expensive manufacturers simply because they provide the exceptional quality and reliability needed for Axis to meet the demands of our customers.



Axis is proud to own many Mazak machining centers:


Mazak Vertical Machining Centers
  • Mazatech V-414, 1993
  • VTC 200B, 2000 (VTC stands for Vertical Traveling Column) table is always stationary and does not move
  • VCN 510C-II, 2007 (VCN stands for Vertical Center Nexus)
  • VTC 300C, 2011 (VTC stands for Vertical Traveling Column) table is always stationary and does not move
  • VCN 530C, 2016 (VCN stands for Vertical Center Nexus)
Mazak Horizontal Machining Center
  • HCN 5000-III, 2014 (HCN stands for Horizontal Center Nexus)
Mazak 4 Axis Lathe/Mills
  • QTN 250MY-II, 2009 (QTN stands for Quick Turn Nexus)
  • QTN 350MY-II, 2010 (QTN stands for Quick Turn Nexus)
Mazak CNC Lathe
  • Quick Turn 100SG, 2018


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