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Tips of the Trade

Axis Fabrication aims to provide inside tips and information regarding the numerous questions clients have when designing a custom part through technical articles that are published every Tuesday.

Mazak Manufacturing Equipment

Axis Fabrication and Machine Company remains dedicated to bringing the highest quality parts to its customers in reasonable timeframes. The high quality demanded is possible through the use of high-quality machines from reliable manufacturers. Notably, one such manufacturer is Mazak.

Machine Shops in Knoxville, TN

We understand our capabilities and business model are not always the best fit.  To help you find the assistance you need, we have created a list of other machine shops in the Knoxville, TN area.

CNC Machines: Computer Numerical Control

When looking at the types of machining equipment that Axis Fabrication has in-house, the acronym “CNC” comes up frequently. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”, and is an alternative to manual production equipment. CNC involves pre-programmed software that controls factory tools and machinery.

Case (Surface) Hardening versus Through Hardening of Steel

Hardness, or the resistance to indentation or damage, is a very valuable trait in metals. Steelmakers can increase the strength of a material through different processes known as hardening. There are two main types of hardening: case hardening, also known as surface, and through hardening.

The Basics of MIG versus TIG Welding

At Axis Fabrication, a common question we receive is the difference between MIG and TIG welding. Is there an advantage of one technique over the other? This article will break down the differences between these two common techniques.

Why is one part so expensive?

After receiving a quote from a fabrication company, many people are surprised at the cost of just one part. The price of a part is tied up in four areas that are explained in this article.

PEM® Fasteners

PEM® Fasteners are used almost exclusively in the fabrication of sheet metal. This article explains how the fasteners work along with many benefits that accompany their use.