Precision Catalyst: Machines as Artisans

At Axis, machinery is more than equipment; it’s a catalyst for precision, transforming every project into an art form. Our machines are meticulously maintained and operated by skilled artisans who understand the intricacies of metal fabrication, ensuring that each piece meets our exacting standards.


Efficiency Redefined: Inherent Operational Harmony

Efficiency isn’t just a choice; it’s inherent in our operations. Axis machinery transforms complex tasks into streamlined processes, allowing us to deliver projects on time and within budget without compromising on quality.


Versatility Unleashed: Power in Adaptability

The true power of machinery lies in its versatility. Axis’s diverse range of machines can adapt to any project, exceeding expectations and providing innovative solutions to complex challenges.


Innovation Incarnate: Pushing Boundaries

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our machinery, which is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the industry. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure that we remain at the forefront of metal fabrication.


Operational Seamlessness: Weaving the Thread

At Axis, machinery isn’t just a tool; it’s the seamless thread weaving through our operations, bringing harmony to every project. Our machines are integrated into our workflow to ensure that each project is completed with precision and efficiency.


Quality Assurance: Guardians of Quality

Every machine at Axis is a guardian of quality, ensuring that every output meets and exceeds the highest standards. Axis Fabrication is proud to be ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction. This certification reflects our dedication to consistently providing products and services that meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations.


Inspection and Detection Industry

Axis is dedicated to providing quality products and competitive pricing within the inspection and detection industry. Our services include laser cutting, CNC machining, welding, and finishing for a variety of applications.


List of machines


Axis uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to ensure parts are made on time and to a higher standard.

  • Mazak HCN 5000 III Horizontal Machining Center (2)
  • Mazak CNC Vertical Machining Center (4)
  • Mazak CNC Turning Center
  • Mazak CNC 4-Axis Turning Center (2)
  • Manual Milling Machine (8)
  • Manual Lathe (2)
  • Charmilles Wire EDM Machine
  • Charmilles Sinker EDM Machine
  • Moore # 3 Jig Grinder
  • Okamoto Manual Surface Grinder (6×18, 12×24)
  • Okamoto Automatic Surface Grinder (20×48
  • Chevalier Surface Grinder (6×18 Travel)
  • Lucifer Heat Treating Furnace
  • Trumpf L3030 8000-Watt Fiber Laser with automation.
  • Trumpf L3030 4000-Watt Fiber Laser
  • ¼” x 10’ Hydraulic Shear
  • 12GA x 5’ Mechanical Shear
  • Trumpf TruPunch 5000
  • Fastener Insertion Machine (2)
  • Strippit LVD 10’ x 90 Ton CNC Press Brake
  • Toyokoki CNC Press Brake (4)
  • Diamond CNC Press Brake (2)
  • 6’ x 25 Ton Manual Press Brake
  • 36” Timesaver Abrasive Finishing Machine
  • Costa Levigatrici MD5 Deburring and Finishing Machine
  • Strippit Single Station Punch Press
  • Heller Plate Bending Roll
  • TIG Welder (18)
  • MIG Welder (9)
  • MIG Welder w/ 12’ Boom (2)
  • Push Pull MIG Welder
  • Stud Welder (2)
  • Spot Welder (2)
  • Weld Platen Table (13)
  • Atlas Welding Positioner
  • Ercolina Top Bender
  • Hand-Held Plasma Cutter (2)
  • Ironworker, 35 Ton
  • 12” x 18” Automatic Feed Horizontal Band Saw
  • 6” x 12” Horizontal Band Saw
  • 18” x 22” Vertical Band Saw
  • 10’ x 14’ Paint Booth
  • 30’ x 50’ Paint Room Electrostatic Powder Coat Equipment
  • Silk Screening Capabilities
  • Glass Bead Blast Cabinet
  • Glass Bead Blast Room 12 ½ x 20’ x 10’
  • 6 Ton Overhead Crane
  • Vibratory Finisher
  • 8’ x 8’ x 12’ Powder Coat Oven
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