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Two friends, Simon Raab and Greg Fraser, started FARO in Montreal Canada in 1981. They introduced their first hinged arm measurement technology soon after in 1984. After a few successful years, Raab and Fraser moved FARO to Florida in 1990. Now, the international company boasts almost 40 years of experience.

FARO 8-Axis QuantumS  ScanArm

To begin, the FARO QuantumS ScanArm is the first and only ISO 10360—12:2016 certified articulated arm coordinate measuring machine. Notably, it is able to collect both contact, with the hard probe, and noncontact, with the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe, measurements.


  • High Measurement Speed
  • Extended Measurement Volume
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Operator Effectiveness
  • Workspace Optimization
  • Scan Challenging Materials with FAROBlu Laser Line Probe


CAD-Based Inspection

The FARO ScanArm has uses in many different industries. For Axis Fabrication, the ability to perform CAD-Based Inspection is our main goal. Additionally, scanned parts are instantly comparable to 3D CAD files. The FARO ScanArm checks tolerances and provides instant feedback. Importantly, the ScanArm saves time when checking tolerances for intricate or complicated parts.

Reverse Engineering

For older parts, there may not be an existing 3D model or CAD file. In some cases, scanning parts can generate 3D CAD models. This is great for parts with difficult to replicate measurements and features. For example, some vintage car parts are impossible to find. The 3D models, produced by the ScanArm, can then be used to create replicate, replacement parts.

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