Large and small appliances are intended to last for years, and dependable appliances require dependable manufacturers. We produce panels and internal components for the appliance industry. Axis’s ISO-certified punch press, laser cutting, and press brake services ensure that each part is built to the highest standard. For small-scale companies, we provide specialized parts and excellent customer service. While large-scale customers benefit from our large-scale capabilities and quick turnaround.



Axis provides laser cutting, machining, and welding to the recreation industry. In motorized vehicles, precision is key, and our components meet the highest standards for precision and quality. Common parts produced for the recreation industry include:

  • Accessory Brackets
  • Base Caps
  • Support Brackets
  • Cover Plates


Axis proudly serves the transportation industry. Our most common services include laser cutting, press brake work, and CNC milling and machining. Our customers also benefit from our customer service and dedication. We frequently produce custom parts to meet customers’ individual needs and specifications.  

Inspection and Detection

The inspection and detection industry is always evolving to meet new regulations. To keep up with increasingly complex machines and technology, you need a state-of-the-art fabrication partner. Axis constantly invests in technology to provide customers with better quality products and competitive pricing. Within the inspection and detection industry, we commonly provide laser cutting, CNC machining, welding, and finishing services. Our work includes:

  • Assembly Clamps
  • Cabinets
  • Door Assemblies

  • Louver Assemblies
  • Conveyor Leg Assemblies
  • Junction Boxes

  • Camera Stabilizers
  • Camera Chassis
  • Lightbar Brackets

  • Sunshields
  • Enclosure Covers
  • Trunk Mount Brackets