Laser Cutting

Our TRUMPF L3030 8000-watt Fiber Laser cutting machine and our TRUMPF L3030 4000-watt Fiber Laser (equipped with tube cutting capability) allow us to offer a comprehensive solution to all your metal laser cutting needs. Fiber Optic laser technology enables us to cut at increased speeds and handle highly reflective materials like copper. Both machines are paired with automatic material handling systems capable of positioning 5’ x 10’ sheets/plates.

Located in Knoxville Tennessee

Range of Abilities

Our lasers are capable of cutting up to 1” thick steel plate, ¾” stainless steel, ½” aluminum, 5/16” copper, and ¼” brass. This range of abilities allow Axis to take care of whatever your job needs.


Our state-of-the-art lasers combined with our skilled employees allow us to provide an exceptional cut quality with quick turnaround times.

Custom Prototyping

Our talented sales and CAD teams are committed to partnering with you, and part of that is executing your custom prototypes. Let us help you develop your product.
axis operations


Another benefit of our high-tech lasers is the excellent part tolerances Axis is capable of providing.