Where Does Axis Fit Into Your Supply Chain

Axis Fabrication provides machining, fabrication, and many other services critical to a company’s direct and indirect supply chains. To understand how Axis will fit into your manufacturing process, it is important to understand how the end part will be used in your business.

The Direct Supply Chain is the set of processes involved in the production of profit-driving goods. Manufacturing in the direct supply chain will contribute directly to your end-product and will eventually be used by your customers. Axis supports the direct supply chain by producing high-quality finished parts ready for assembly or their end use. We pride ourselves on precision, so our customers can too! Our craftsmanship will help to ensure your customer receives a high-quality product every time while our integrated manufacturing process reduces errors. Not only will this reduce the time needed for reworking parts, it will also ensure fewer defects are experienced further down the supply chain or found by the end user. And finally, our fast turnaround will reduce lead times for your process.

The Indirect Supply Chain is the set of processes involved in keeping your business running. Products manufactured in the indirect supply chain will support your machinery, equipment, and processes but will not be included in your end products. When you choose to work with Axis for these processes, your company will benefit from our reliable parts and customer service. We understand that your manufacturing process is critical to your business, so we ensure that our parts are made to a higher standard to perform as intended. We also pride ourselves on our customer service and the partnerships we build. When you work with Axis, you can rely on us to handle large projects, custom parts, and emergency jobs.