As the name “Axis Fabrication and Machine Co” suggests, our company can be broken down into two parts: fabrication and machining. For more information about what metal fabrication is, read our article on the subject. Additionally, machining is any process in which a controlled material-removal process shapes raw material. Notably, machining falls under the category of subtractive manufacturing. Conversely, controlled material addition is called additive manufacturing.


To begin, there are three main types of machining, which are turning, drilling, and milling. First, turning operations rotate the workpiece in order to remove material. Notably, a lathe is an example of turning operations. Second, drilling operations produce or refine holes by a rotating cutter. For example, drill presses are often used for drilling operations, but lathes or mills can also be used. Finally, milling operations utilize a rotating cutting tool to remove material from a stationary workpiece. Milling machines are typically used in milling.

Machining Technology

Continuing on, each operation generates a different finish or part geometry. In turning, cutting tools have a single cutting edge used to remove material from a rotating workpiece. This results in a cylindrical shape. Similarly, drilling creates round holes by utilizing a rotating tool that has two or four helical cutting edges. Likewise, milling utilized a rotating tool with multiple cutting edges. Milling operations move relative to the material, resulting in a straight surface or plane.  Importantly, advancements in technology has allowed for increased accuracies and capabilities when machining is controlled by computers (CNC). 

Raw Materials

Machinists use a variety of raw materials to make their products. Just as in fabrication, they use plate metal, sheet metal, as well as bar stock. Bar stock can be flat, round, square, or rectangular. Similarly, machinists also use structural shapes, like angle, channels, and I-beams. To conclude, tubes are also available in round, square, and rectangle shapes.

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